Our Price Plans

EMED HEALTH CARE provides a medical billing & Transcription solution global wide with best services.

Rates of Medical Billing Services

We take collections on percentage basis:
1. Up to $35,000 4%
2. Up to $35,001 To $75,000 3.5%
3. Above $75,000 3%

The above rates are for billing services, which include but not claim submission, follow up on claims, Claim denials handing, Resubmission, AR follow up, Payment posting etc.

Services like credentialing, enrollment, Advance Eligibility, Patient calls of scheduling etc are not covered above rates.

Top questions:
1. Are there any hidden Setup or startup Costs?
No, there are absolutely no hidden costs associated with any of our plans. You’ll only be billing according to the plan you choose.

2. How long is the transition period to switch?
It can be as low as 5 business days depending on the software & Clearing house you choose to go with.

3. Do you work with all Insurance’s & Claim types?
We work with all national insurance’s including Government & Commercial Payers. All claims are billed electronically & using CMS-1500 for insurance’s that don’t accept e-Claims i-e Paper Claim.

Rates of Transcription Services

Emed-HealthCare is a modern transcription company that is available as a standalone service provider or as part of a wider suite of medical services. Our Expert team of medical transcriptionist, IT professionals, and English language Experts have transcribed dictation recordings into text with going through a multiple layers for data quality maintenance & assurance.

1. Medical Transcription with all Dept & specialties
2. Legal Transcription Services.
3. Insurance, Media and Business Transcription.
4. VR Editing.
5. Translation/Editing/Proofreading.\
6. Our TAT ( Turn Around Time) varies from 12 to 48 hours according to your requirements. (We maintain compliance with the HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR Security Rules).

Emed-HealthCare provides our client with low setup and startup cost under counrty by Laws, Rules & Regulations.

Transcription Rates will discuss according to your requirement but it flexible & Negotiable as per data volume. Send Us Business Queries: faz@emed-healthcare.com
(We have 24/7 customer support service).

Per Minute Transcription Plans

EMED HEALTH CARE also provide their services on Per/Minutes basis:

5-Day Service

/Per Minute

3-Day Service

/Per Minute

1-Day Service

/Per Minute

6-12 Hour Service

/Per Minute

If you need best service, simply call our 24 hour active hotline.

EMED HEALTH CARE will ensure that you receive the best possible Services & care.

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Phone: +859 694 2757