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Patient Enrollment Process In Medical Billing

Vigilant Patient Enrollment is so critical to your practices’ that their sustenance and growth hinges fundamentally on the level of scrutiny you undertake while enrolling your patients for insurance-linked medical services. Although you can expect your patient fraternity to be generally honest with their demographic and insurance eligibility, yet you cannot really be unsuspecting; the recent health industry statistics attach disproportional claim realization to inefficient Patient Enrollment. As the level of vigilance during Patient Enrollment has a direct bearing on the quantum of realization of your collection from insurance payers, it is crucial that you satisfy yourself with the authenticity of patients’ demographic and insurance eligibility.

While physician practices have begun to realize the importance of vigilant Patient Enrollment, the ever-swelling patient-base makes task harder, eventually negatively impacting the quality of the core medical practice. Specifically designed to ease the pressure on physician practices, our vigilant Patient Enrollment proves to be an accurate and flawless scrutiny of patients’ demographic and insurance eligibility. Thus, as we assure you of genuine Patient Enrollment, you can expect unhindered (without delay or denial of insurance claims by highly stringent insurance carriers) revenue generation, and channels all your focus on the core issue of medical services to your patients.

Our comprehensive and vigilant Patient Enrollment Process involves filing of information, such as:

  • Patient Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone Numbers and E-mail Address
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Insurance Information Primary, secondary and tertiary
  • Doctor Information
  • Social Security Number (SSN)

Having filed these patient-specific details, we duly verify for their genuineness, and discrepancies, if any, are communicated to the respective physician offices. Thus, our ingenious system of Patient Enrollment prevents any falsification demographic and insurance information, and sets the platform for an error-free medical billing submission and realization.

These services are basically popular in times of software transition from one HL7 complaint software to another. Audits and regular updates have saved physicians time, money and effort. Scalable and flexible with diverse practice disciplines and sizes, our Patient Enrollment, offered as a part of our comprehensive Medical Billing Revenue Cycle Management, remains compliant with HIPAA norms ensuring highly level of privacy in documenting and reporting patient-specific information.

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