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Emed Health Care believe our transcription service rates are the best you’ll find anywhere, as we take our commitment to value very seriously. We take pride in providing you with quality products and services at competitive prices. In some equations the billing setup based on line count as per cost negotiation between Vendor & Clients​.

Claim Submission Process In Medical Billing

Medical insurance claim Submission is the most important key step in
the medical billing automated workflow process. It determines the amount

of reimbursement that the healthcare provider will receive after the
insurance company clears the dues. It is very important to understand
exactly happens during the process of claim submission to the insurance.
As it is one of the most important processes that consumes a lot of
time and resources, it is advisable to outsource the submission of
claims process to an experienced service provider.

The experienced team of medical coders at Emed-Healthcare
can help you at every step of the medical billing process. Outsourcing
medical claims submission services to us can help you reduce your
overhead costs and improve revenue apart from improving the efficiency
of your team.

Services We Offer:

Emed-Healthcare has the required experience to meet needs
of clients belonging to different industry verticals. We provide short
turnaround times for daily processing and claims submissions. Some of
the key insurance claims processing services we offer include:

Collecting Receipts:

The first step is to obtain an itemized bill from the
healthcare provider listing all services provided by them to the patient
along with the cost and relevant code of the treatment provided. Team
at Purview Healthcare will assist you in collecting all the required
documents and receipts.

Filling Claim Form:

Claim form mentions details related to the patient’s illness
and the services which were provided. It also determines if the expenses
were claimed under the client’s insurance plan or not. Our team at
Purview Healthcare can help you fill the claim form with the following

  • Personal information (Name, Address, and DOB)
  • Insurance policy number
  • Background information and reason for visit
  • Healthcare provider’s name and address
  • Any expenses details which the patient has already paid
Reviewing & Submitting Claims:

After all the claim details are entered, our team will make a
copy of all the forms and documents as a back-up. We will thoroughly
review the details and make any kind of corrections is necessary. When
all the details are complete and the required documents are attached, we
submit the claim form to the insurance.

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